We perform all type of pooja, According to your Janma Kundali. SO PLEASE BRING JANMA KUNDALI WITH YOU

Pt. Arun Guru Ji

Here we perform all type puja.

Pt. Arun Guru Ji is based in Madhya Pradesh, India. He has earned name as renowned astrologer not only in Madhya Pradesh, India but all over the world. He has amassed over 15 years of practical experience in the field of spirituality, Vedic astrology and allied science. Pt. Arun Guru Ji hails from the traditional Brahmin family and has had an intense interest in astrology since his childhood days. He has gathered lot of experience about Vedic astrology. Over the years, many clients have consulted Celebrity Pt. Arun Guru Ji who guided them to succeed in their pursuit. Some of the services he offers include: preparing and Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja, Mangal Bhaat Puja, Pitru Dosh Puja, Nakshatra Shanti Puja, Mahamrityunjaya Puja, Rudrabhishek Pujae and so on. Even though having immense skill and experience, renowned astrologer Pt. Arun Guru Ji believes in the regular improvement of his knowledge by attending new seminars, new courses and training programs. He has become a household name and has served people from many walks of life, helping them with various kinds of problems.

HAVAN WORSHIP : A havan is a sacred purification ritual (yajna) in Hinduism that includes a fire ceremony. It is a ritual of sacrifice to the fire god Agni. After lighting a havan kund (sacrificial fire), items such as fruits, honey or wooden items are thrown into the holy fire. If there are any spirits that are evil around you or even within you they are burnt in the holy fire. It is believed that this sacrifice will bring health, happiness, luck and prosperity.



Wish fulfillment rituals (Atharva/Yajurveda): Whatever is available for a given product, keeping in mind the project's success and time frame. Rituals using the mantras and hymns that are used for the fulfillment (siddhi) of 49 different types of desires through the mantras of the four Vedas. Treatment of 13 diseases by Veda Mantras, including method of use, Suryopasthan, Brahma Shanti and Jalavasechan, introduction of Vedic gods and representation of mutual unity, detailed Vedic worship of all gods.